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Club Information
Welcome to the Fort Bend Radio Control Club.  The club is chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and is recognized nationally as an AMA Gold Leader Club.  The club consists of a diverse group of people who enjoy flying the full range of RC aircraft including jets, helicopters, gliders, and propeller airplanes.  The aircraft sizes range from tiny peanut scale models to huge12 foot wingspan giant-scale models and they are powered by lithium batteries, glow fuel, gasoline, or jet fuel.  The club operates and maintains a public RC model flying site in Rosenberg that is among the best in Texas, with great support from Fort Bend County.  The club gives back to the community by supporting charitable organizations like St. Judes Children's Hospital, by partnering with Dulles High School's Air Force ROTC program, and by providing club-funded scholarships to support deserving local students.