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Learn to Fly

Fort Bend R/C Club is a friendly well diversified club that has a wealth of talent to offer to beginners as well as experienced hobbyists. The club takes pride in helping people become successful in the R/C flying world. All of our members and our instructors are willing to assist you with instruction for building, pre flight checks and flight training of your aircraft. If you have not yet purchased an airplane and/or radio, you might want to contact one of our member / instructors for some advice on what makes a good trainer.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when learning to fly:

One – It is best to get experienced help for your first few flights. While you can be successful by yourself, there is a greater chance of failure. Using a trained instructor with the Buddy-Box system almost guarantees success.

Two – The only way you're going to get better is to put in as much flight time as possible. Try to keep the number of days between flying down to a minimum, as it is very easy to fall out of practice. Contrary to what some believe, using  flight simulators is a great way to help yourself learn to fly.

Three – When choosing an instructor, one of the questions you might ask is about his availability for flight training. For example, if you can only fly on Saturday mornings, then let your prospective instructors know that to see if that will work with his or her schedule.

In order to fly at the Fort Bend R/C Club site you must be an AMA member. If you have not yet joined the AMA there is a link on our home page to do so. The AMA membership provides liability insurance when flying your aircraft at our club field.  GOOD LUCK!!!   WE WISH YOU SUCCESS!!!
Club Instructors
  Peter Jacobson 832-405-1215