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Flying Site Etiquette

1)   First and Foremost, be courteous to others.  Observe the type of flying that is taking place at the moment and then join the fun or wait for a break in the action so you can change to your particular style of flying.  Also, refrain from making back-to-back flights when others are obviously waiting for you to finish.  

2)   Let's all use the same runway. Taking off and/or landing on the runway not designated by the indicator plane, located at the intersection of the 2 runways, is very dangerous. No one flying can see what you are doing and if you lose control of your plane, you are putting people in harms way unnecessarily.  

3)   When taking off to the North or to the West, the general flight pattern is with right hand turns. The landing pattern is also done with right hand turns. If you are having a problem making right hand turns in this situation, please request help from one of the instructors and learn to fly a horizontal figure 8 pattern without gaining or losing altitude. If you can fly that pattern properly, you should have no problem making right turns on landing approach.  

4)   Sustained flight towards the pilot stations or flying facilities should be avoided when close.  This, of course, can occur briefly during turns or maneuvers.  

5)   Learn how to land. If you can't land properly, you can't fly. Remember, takeoff is optional. Landing IS mandatory. Since the beginning of flight, we've never left a plane up there. When you fly, shoot several landings, as practice makes perfect.  

6)   Landing planes will always have the right of way.  Please check to see if there is a plane attempting a landing before you taxi out on to the active runway for a takeoff. Call out your intentions to other pilots who are flying.  

7)   The startup stands are for start up and minor engine adjustments. If you must make extensive engine adjustments or break in an engine, please use the stand by the concession building. Do not run engines under the pavilions when there are other people present.  

8)   ALL internal combustion engines shall have mufflers.  

9)   If you see trash on the ground or tables, pick it up and place it into the trashcans.  If you find one of the garbage cans in the pavilion full, take the bag of trash to the dumpster at the west end of the parking lot.  

10)The last CLUB MEMBER to leave is responsible for locking up the buildings and the gates.